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Tips on how to clean your home for Christmas

Posted by Layla Byrd on

Christmas is right around the corner. You probably are making dinner and you are having guests over – your family or friends. You need to welcome them in a clean environment, of course. But in order to do that, you have to deep clean your entire home which is not an easy task. It’s time consuming, chaotic, and stressful. But I can help you organize the cleaning and transform it into something not so annoying.

Follow these tips and you won’t have any problems with turning your house spotless so that you can impress your guests.

Clean one room at a time

For starters, always put your attention to one room at a time. Start cleaning your living room, for example, and go to the next room only after you are finished with the previous one. If you start cleaning your kitchen then go into your bedroom then into your bathroom and then come back to the kitchen you are wasting a lot of time, you are making the whole process chaotic and stressful as well as you are spreading germs all-around your house.

– ‘‘Ceiling to floor’’

When you are cleaning you need to make this a habit of yours. Start with the things that are higher then proceed with cleaning the floors. If you do decide to vacuum the carpet, for example, then you start removing the dust from the shelves and counters all of the dust, dirt, bacteria, etc. will go straight to the floor you just cleaned. This will mean that your cleaning chores will be endless. If you clean everything in a room and leave the floors to be the last thing you check off your to-do list then you will know that all of the unwanted dirt and dust in a room will be vacuum cleaned and mopped.

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7 magical uses of a Magic Eraser

Posted by Layla Byrd on

Everyone needs a little magic in their lives from times to times – and what better way than to grab a Magic Eraser and discover all of the ways you can benefit from its use?

What exactly does a Magic Eraser do?

In a nutshell, you will be able to remove stains and dirt with it – this tool acts as gentle sandpaper which can scrape things off that you can’t clean with a cloth.

– You can clean stainless steel

A Magic Eraser is one of the most efficient ways to clean your sink and leave it shiny.

– You can clean your walls

If you have a kid, for example, you know the pain of discovering there are crayons and marker stains on the walls. The Magic Eraser will get rid of them.

– You can clean stains from mugs

Sometimes when you have tea or coffee your mug will stain – you can grab your magic eraser a wipe it.

– You can remove paint

Decided you want to repaint your walls but it turns out now you are left with dried up paint all over the floor and door? Nothing Magic Eraser can’t remove.

– You can clean windows

From the windows in your home to the windows on your car – a Magic Eraser does a great job of removing dirt and bugs from these surfaces. And don’t worry about scratching the windows and damaging them – it’s something that won’t happen.

– You can remove any residue from a sticker

It’s such an unpleasant thing that happens when you remove a sticker and there is a residue on there. If you have tried removing it on your own then you know how difficult it is – but when you grab your Magic Eraser you will be done in no time.

– You can clean any leather surface

From your leather couch, the leather seats in your car, to your leather jacket, a Magic Eraser is able to clean any leather surface.