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How To Easily Clean Your Ice Maker?

Posted by Layla Byrd on

Do you have an ice maker at home? I have one as well that I use very often during the summer. I love making lemonade which requires a lot of ice cubes. It’s way easier to use an ice maker in comparison to making ice cubes in your freezer. But, of course, just like any other appliance in your home, you need to regularly clean the ice maker so the ice doesn’t get dirty and packed with dangerous bacteria.

How To Easily Clean Your Ice Maker?

First thing you need to do in order to clean your ice maker is to remove all of the ice before you start. I like to turn the machine off and wait for the ice to completely melt since it’s way easier than individually removing the ice.

Then I turn the machine on again and press the clean button – every ice maker has one. When you press this button, the water will be drained into the garbage disposal unit. Before I continue with the cleaning, I always wait for the water to refill completely.

Next, I unplug the appliance once again, and then it’s time to start the actual cleaning. I use vinegar – and I dilute it with water. Then I take the machine apart by removing all removable parts and then soak them in the vinegar mixture. I also like to scrub them with a sponge because of that way the limescale and all the build-up can be removed easily. Once I am done with the removable parts, I rinse them and then dry them with a cloth.

Then I assemble everything and focus on the exterior of the machine. I like to clean it with warm soapy water. I just fill a bowl with warm water then add a few drops of liquid soap, mix well then sip a cloth in the solution. I wipe the ice maker with it then I continue with rinsing. And just like that, my ice maker is spotless and ready to be used again.


How to Clean Your White Shoes: Cloth, Leather, Canvas, Suede?

Posted by Layla Byrd on

Wearing white shoes is a fashion statement – and the white shoes can make your outfit so much better, however, the only downfall is that they get dirty super fast. This means that in order to wear white shoes, you have to know exactly how to clean them – especially if you invested a lot of money in your pair.

Today, I am going to show you how I properly clean all of my white shoes including cloth, leather, canvas, and suede material.

How to Clean Your White Shoes: Cloth, Leather, Canvas, Suede?

– How to clean your white cloth shoes?

Let’s start off with the most common white shoes – the ones made from cloth material. Remove the laces and inserts if there are any. Then grab one lemon or two limes, squeeze the juice and mix it with three parts water. Do not use the store-bought pre-squeezed lemon juice because it can stain the white shoes.

Dampen a cloth in the mixture and wipe the shoes. Also, use an old toothbrush to treat any stained areas so you can get the dirt to loosen up easier. Then get another rag, dampen it in water, and use it to wipe the shoes so you can remove the lemon juice mixture and the impurities.

– How to clean your white canvas shoes?

Next on our list are white canvas shoes. Again, remove the laces and inserts if present. Next, fill a glass with a cap of bleach, the same amount of dish detergent, and half a cup of water.

Take a cloth, dampen it in the cleaner we made, and wipe the shoes. Use an old toothbrush if there are any hard-to-reach places or stained areas.

Once you are ready, dampen a cloth with water and wipe the shoes in order to remove the cleaner and the impurities.

– How to clean your white leather shoes?

Believe it or not, your white leather shoes are the easiest to clean. Repeat the same steps I told you to follow when cleaning canvas shoes – use bleach, dish detergent, and water mixture.

– How to clean your white suede shoes?

Now these are the hardest to clean – and you need to be patient and careful in order to avoid damage. I recommend you try using white vinegar for the cleaning. Just dampen a cloth in the vinegar and gently dab the suede but do not rub or wipe.

In case your white suede shoes are very expensive or you love them a bit too much – just allow a dry cleaning company to take care of them.

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How to Clean The Exterior Of Your Stainless Steel Appliances With Natural Ingredients?

Posted by Layla Byrd on

I love stainless steel appliances because they look stylish. Everyone knows that their appeal hides in how shiny they look, however, in order to maintain that shine, you need to take proper care of them – otherwise, they will get covered in smudges, fingerprints, and even hard water stains.

But if you want to switch to stainless steel appliances in your kitchen, don’t let this stop you because there is an easy and cheap way to bring back their shine – and you only need two natural ingredients for that! And no, this is not a time-consuming chore, simply spray and wipe… that’s it!

How to Clean The Exterior Of Your Stainless Steel Appliances With Natural Ingredients?

Now, before we start with the cleaning I want to say that this recipe will not only clean the exterior and bring back the shine of your stainless steel appliances but it will also disinfect them which is incredible!

You need distilled water, rubbing alcohol, and a spray bottle. Yes, that’s all you need!

Combine equal amounts of the distilled water and the rubbing alcohol in the spray bottle then shake well so both ingredients can mix. And you are done – your cleaner is ready to be used!

The rubbing alcohol is the ingredient that is going to leave your stainless steel appliances shiny – plus, it evaporates very quickly so it won’t leave any streaks, marks, or stains. On top of that, it’s a disinfectant.

How do I use it? I simply spray it on the surface I want to clean then I wipe using a microfiber cloth.

Are you convinced that having shiny and beautiful stainless steel appliances is easy now?